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On behalf of the Lake George Elvis Festival, I would like to take this opportunity to request your participation in this year’s event. Since 2004 the festival has brought crowds to Lake George to celebrate the life and music of the King of Rock and Roll.


Licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, this will continue to be the largest Elvis Festival in the United States and we are happy to once again be a preliminary competition for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest® in Memphis.


More than just another competition, the Elvis Festival brings a true sense of participation and camaraderie where you can showcase your talent in one of the most beautiful settings in the Northeast. Performing on stage with the world renowned Change of Habit Tribute Band, you will be immediately struck by the elegance of these beautiful Adirondack Mountains meeting with the lake, and the serenity of this small resort village and its warm, friendly people. Simply put, it doesn’t get any better than this.




  • Wednesday night opening ceremony, lakeside at Shepard Park!
  • Three BIG SHOWS, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Three full days of competition where you will perform for thousands of fans in one of five divisions: Professional Early Years, Professional 70s, Non-Professional Early Years, Non-Professional 70s, and youth.  The highest score in our two Professional Divisions will qualify for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest during Elvis Week in Memphis.
  • More prize money than any festival of its kind paid to the top five in each category!
  • A Tribute Artist classic car parade!
  • Performances at venues in and around Lake George!
  • Sunday morning Elvis® Gospel Event!
  • Elvis collectibles & novelties.
  • And much, much more…

Sherry Management, LLC, producers of the Elvis Festival extends a warm welcome to you. Every effort is being made to make your experience a memorable and enjoyable one. If you are interested in competing and being a part of this World Class Event, you must contact me at your earliest convenience for registration.



We are accepting up to 60 competitors.  This limit will allow us proper judging of four (4) songs in the qualifying rounds.  You will perform two songs for the judges Friday and the same on Saturday. The two sets of scores will then be totaled together for your qualifying score.  Each day, half of the tribute artists will be performing with tracks and half with the Change of Habit tribute band.  The group that performs with tracks on Friday will perform with the band on Saturday and the group that performs with the band Friday will perform with tracks on Saturday.


We have five (5) Divisions: Professional Early Years, Professional 70s, Non-Professional Early Years, Non-Professional 70s and Youth.  The highest score in the two professional divisions will be eligible to compete in the UETAC in Memphis next August unless fewer then ten people are registered in the professional divisions.  If this happens, then the highest score of all adult divisions will represent the festival at the UETAC.


The top five (5) in each division will move on to the Finals, Sunday afternoon (top 3 in the youth division).  In the finals, you will perform your songs with the Change of Habit tribute band.  The following clarifications shall be used to establish which category you should enter:


Professional:  You make at least 60% or more of your living / income performing as an Elvis Tribute Artist.

Non-Professional: You make a part-time income as an Elvis Tribute Artist or perform as a hobby or on an unpaid basis.

Youth: Ages 12 and under.

NOTE:  Anyone may enter the Professional category, however once you submit your application you may NOT change your selected division.



All prize monies are payable by check, in US funds.  The breakdown is as follows:



1.       $1500.00                                           $750.00

2.       $ 800.00                                            $350.00

3.       $ 400.00                                            $250.00

4.       $ 300.00                                            $175.00

5.       $ 200.00                                            $100.00


  1. $200
  2. $100
  3. $50



Our judges, runners, and scorekeepers have no professional affiliation with any individual Tribute Artist.  Elvis tribute artist managers are not permitted to participate due to potential conflict of interest.  Among our judges are event producers, non-Elvis performers, music teachers, music industry professionals and life long Elvis fans.  Throughout the event they have no knowledge of their fellow judge’s scores and they do not total their own score sheets.


Judges will be instructed to score in three (3) categories and thirteen (13) sub-categories, making this one of the toughest, yet fairest judging systems in the country!



  1. ENTRY FEE:  There is a $150.00 registration fee required to register.   $125.00 if you register before February 15th.  $50.00 of this fee will be returned to you after the festival, provided you perform at your assigned venue, and participate as requested at all functions.  The fee is payable in US funds via check, money order (made out to Sherry Management, LLC) or credit card (the charge will show from Sherry Management, LLC), and must accompany the registration form.


  1. BIO:  We require a short 5 to 7 line bio of each Elvis Tribute Artist.


  1. PHOTO:  Please include a high quality digital image, or “4 X 6” printed photograph, preferably a head/torso photo in costume with your application.  We reserve the right to crop or alter any photo before use.


  1. CD, DVD, or Online Video:  If you are new to our festival, we need to hear you perform before we accept your application. Send us a CD or DVD or You Tube link, with at least two songs, if possible.  Tribute Artists who have performed at any of our series of events prior to 2013 do NOT need to send this, as we have your music on file.



It is imperative that you decide and register as soon as possible.  This is not on a “first come” basis, however, as our committee has sole discretion of only accepting applicants who we feel represent the integrity of Elvis’® memory and image.  The scheduling and logistics of a festival this size, however, require a cut-off-date.  Last minute registrations will not be accepted.


Click here for a registration form.  If you can’t read it or it isn’t shown on your computer, then contact me as soon as possible and I will mail you a form.  Otherwise, print out the page and email all items 1 – 4  (above) to me.



My contact info:

Terry Collins

3 Crescent View

Lake George, New York 12845

518-796-4986 (anytime)